Axia Pools

Pools Tokens Emission Percentage Daily Rewards
Balancer Oracle Fund REP LINK TRB BAND ZAP 00.00 % +0.0000 AXIA
Balancer DeFi Fund ETH COMP SNX BAL 00.00 % +0.0000 AXIA
Uniswap Swap Fund AXIA ETH 65.00 % +0.0000 AXIA
Uniswap Lone Pool AXIA 35.00 % +0.0000 AXIA

  • Axia Protocol is a decentralized crypto index fund which present cryptocurrency investors with baskets of cryptocurrency assets to invest in saving them a lot of time and energy that otherwise would have been spent looking for tokens to invest in.
  • It rewards users who provide liquidity to Axia Fund Pools (Oracle, Defi and Swap Funds). Users only have to choose which of the pools they wish to provide liquidity to.
  • kindly visit any of the platforms and provide the required assets, upon providing these assets, liquidity tokens (which we term as Axia Fund Tokens, AFTs) will be minted to your wallet.
  • Stake the minted AFTs in the right pool and start earning from the emissions given to the pool daily.